3 Apps to Help Increase Your Android’s Battery Life

Sara Johns Devices, Energy Management, Newsletter

If you want your Android to last for more than a couple of hours, check out these applications.

They’ll help you to make the most of your Android smartphone and tablet’s batteries.

Wakelock is an Android feature that apps use to wake them from deep sleep mode. Wakelock can keep your CPU awake, they can turn on your screen, and they can make sure your screen doesn’t go off. That can be very handy. They can also help kill your battery.
UzumApps’ Wakelock Detector is a handy program for seeing which programs have been using wakelock. It gives you detailed system information that’s essential for hard-core battery life analysis.

JuiceDefender is a very straightforward program with a simple interface. Whether you use its preset modes or you elect to tweak every setting to get the most from the program, it’s a simple way to save battery life. Juice Defender’s Balanced setting saves a decent amount of battery by making sure your antennae are off when the screen is off. No pulling off of wifi/LTE to push you notifications when your phone is in your pocket and your battery will drain 15-20% slower with it. JuiceDefender comes in three versions: Free; Plus, $1.99; and Ultimate, $4.99. The more you pay, the more control you get.

Power users might prefer GSam Battery Monitor. It has a simple profile manager, but what it’s really about is looking under the hood of your device to analyze your app and power usage.
It does give you an excellent and realistic battery life estimate. Unlike other programs, Battery Drain Analyzer works hard on analyzing not just what your apps and components are doing at any given moment, but how you usually use your device. The basic version is free.