7 Tech Tips – Easy New Year Resolutions

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7 Tech Tips for the New Year – Easy Resolutions

Start the New Year with an easy resolution  –  Make your computer happy.   A happy computer leads to a happy user. (Yes, that’s you!)

1. Backup

It’s a new year – time for a new backup. Start with a fresh backup before you do any maintenance to your computer.

2. Cleanup

Run a cleanup/defrag program. The cleanup will delete any temporary files, while the defrag will put the files where they belong – together. Check for any unused/unnecessary programs. This on e is a bit tricky as some required background programs have odd names. I recommend only deleting anything you actually remember installing,. For anything else, go to the pros. Our techs can help with this. Email them at support@wesolvethat.com.

3. Update Passwords

If you have your browsers set to remember logins and passwords, write them down before you do any cleanup. Then once you clean everything out, you can add them back in. This would a great time to change your passwords as well.

4. Run Updates

Make sure your AntiVirus and Malware programs are up to date. Why run them if they can’t catch the most recent bugs? Once they’re up to date, do a full scan with each. It may be time consuming, but it’s well worth it. These scans will hunt down and quarantine any suspicious programs or downloads.

5. Shut it down

How many of you just close your laptop lid when you’re done? Or just put your computer to sleep at the end of your work day? I know it seems funny, but computers need some down time too. I’m not talking about putting it to sleep, It needs a full shut down. Log out of all open programs then choose to shut down. Some updates require a restart for them to be applied. It will take a few more minutes to start up in the morning, but the updates will help your computer work faster so that you can work smarter.

6. Memory

If you notice that after all of this you computer is still slow, you may be short on memory. You can easily add more memory with a memory stick. Or you can call on our guys, they can install additional memory internally.

7. Clean

Last but not least, physically clean your computer. No more finger print smudges or food crumbs . Make sure to use a  screen safe cleaner as some cleaners will damage the screen. An easy way to get rid of crumbs is to use a can of compressed air to blow them out. If you don’t have one though, you can always vacuum the keyboard and fan area. Make sure to shut off and unplug your computer first though.

If you are one of our clients, most of this is already being done for you or can be scheduled with just an email.  We’re always here for all of your computer needs. Give us a call today.