9 Tech Tips – Keep your Email Safe

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9 Tips to keep your email safe.

Are you being asked to reset your Microsoft Password? Keep your email from being hacked.

Make sure the notification is from an authorized Microsoft account before clicking on any links. Follow the 9 steps below to make sure you don’t download malware. Or even worse, give a spammer access to your account!

1. Don’t click on any links!
2. Look to see who it’s from.
Is there a green shield next to the sender? Green shield = trusted sender
3. Check spelling and grammar.
Microsoft uses spell check. There should be no grammatical errors, typos, or odd spacing.
4. Log into your Microsoft account.
Check your recent activity. Does everything look right? Have you received an excessive amount of spam mail?

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5. Check your sent folder.
Do you recognize the emails and people you sent emails to? Are there group emails sent to everyone on your contact list that you didn’t send?
6. Is there a notification bar on the email?
If the notification says the email is spam, it probably is.
7. Make sure no one else can gain access to your account.
Check the Rules to make sure your exchange account isn’t auto-forwarding to an unknown address.
8. Change your password.
Never click on a link in an email to change your password. Always open a new browser and log into your account first. Then change your passwords from there.
9. Still wary of phishing and malware?
You can always turn on the 2-step verification option.

Did you accidentally click on the Reset Password link? Are you worried that you downloaded Malware? We can help you. Give us a call at 909-287- 7900 option 4 for support or email us at support@wesolvethat.com.