Be aware of your air with Awair

Sara Johns Automation, Blog

Be aware of your air with Awair

Everything seems to be getting “smart” these days. From phones and homes to cars and watches. It’s time for you to get smart about the quality of the air you breathe.

It’s time for your air monitor to get smart too.

The Awair is a smart air monitor. It tracks and analyzes the air quality indoors. It has 4 sensors that measure: temp, humidity, carbon dioxide, fine dust particles and Volatile Organic Components (VOC’s).
When connected to your other smart devices, it can turn on and regulate your thermostat, humidifier, air purifier, filters and fans. We couldn’t call it smart unless it also is programed to perform “if this then that” scenarios.

And it learns too! As it gathers your indoor air quality, it learns your routines and preferences. Tell Awair what is most important to you, from allergies to sleep.  The monitor will track the air quality levels and then send you recommendations through the app on your phone to help you change your behavior.

  • Allergy – Know what’s in the air and know what sets off your allergies, from dust mites to VOC’s.
  • Productivity – Get more out of the air you breathe and more out of your day. Increase focus levels and decrease the chance of headaches, fatigue and dry eyes. Improved performance.
  • Beauty – Fight aging, hair loss and maintain smoother, healthier skin.
  • Wellness – Breathe better, feel better. Decrease the risk of cold and flu. Put your eczema at ease and monitor heat stress.
  • Pregnancy – Because now you’re breathing for two.
  • Sleep – You deserve a good night’s sleep every night. Help relieve or decrease the risk of sleep apnea.

Awair will be available early this fall, but can be pre-ordered now. Each device can monitor up to 1,000 sq feet, but they recommend 1 per closed room. If you’re interested in not just filtering your air, but monitoring it so you can make changes, then Contact Us. We will order it for you, install it and hook it up to your other smart devices.