Lighting Control – Automate to Save

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Is saving money and the environment a good reason to start? When you use lighting control to automate the lights in your home, you save. What exactly do you save? By using lighting control, you can lengthen the life of your bulbs. That means reduced electrical consumption, reduced landfill waste and a reduced carbon foot print.

Here are a few ways to help you control and automate your lighting:

  • Occupancy Sensors can automatically turn on or off lights using motion sensors. In January of 2014, California’s Title 24 law mandates that these sensors be installed in building to help reduce energy consumption.
  • Daylight Sensors will automatically dim then turn lights off once a specific brightness level is reached by detecting ambient lighting.
  • Dimmers can be used to save electricity. Lights can be set to only put out 90% of their light. You won’t notice the 10% difference in light, but you will notice the 10% saving.
  • Automatic shades may sound excessive, but they will save you money and protect your home. Shades can be set to lower or rise at programmed times or temperatures. These shades will lower automatically when your home’s temperature reaches a certain level and your home will stay cooler, reducing your need for air conditioning. This will also help reduce the amount of UV rays that come into your home and protect your furnishings and flooring.

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Lighting Control with Automated Shades