Lip Motion Passwords – Un-Hackable Security Access

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Lip Motion Passwords

More secure than finger prints and facial recognition.

When unlocking your phone or home and especially when withdrawing money at the ATM, you want the most secure way to access them.  

A more secure way to protect your phone, computer or even electronic payments is 2 part authentication. What’s that mean? It just means 2 different ways to verify that it’s you instead of some hacker. This usually consists of a password then a verification by email or text to confirm that it’s you.

What if accessing your devices was easier and even more secure? Even as easy as speaking your password as you type it?

Well, now it is. Professor Cheung Yiu-ming and his team from the Department of Computer Science at Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) have created a new type of technology called “lip motion passwords”.

Lip Motion Passwords

Yiu-ming says the primary advantage of using a lip motion password compared to a fingerprint scanner or facial recognition is that lip motions cannot be duplicated. While facial recognition can be spoofed with 3D masks and finger print scans can be hacked or stolen, lip motion characteristics are unique.

Lip Motion Passwords

They are dynamic and resistant to mimicry, so a lip password can be used singly or in combination with a password or other biometrics for speaker verification. It is able to detect and reject a wrong password uttered by the user or even the correct password spoken by an impostor.

Compared with traditional voice-based authentication, the acquisition and analysis of lip movements is less susceptible to background noise and distance. It can even be used by a speech-impaired person.

This novel technology is the first in the world and has been granted a US patent in 2015. It is expected to be used in financial transaction authentication. Lip motion passwords will also aid in the ability to enhance security access control systems. That’s right. The security system for your home and business. Keep an eye out for this new technology coming to your devices.

Visit HKBU for the original article and to see a diagram that shows the basic concept of how lip motion passwords work.