Microsoft and Apple Buy Back program

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Innovative Spring Cleaning Ideas – Out with the old and in with the new.

We’ve all heard the saying – Out with the old and in with the new. Now let’s have fun with that and apply it to our devices. Don’t just throw them away, you can trade or recycle them and make a little money too.

Microsoft is having a buy back event. You can get up to $350 back for your device.

Step 1 – Buy a new Windows 8 Tablet, Phone or PC

Step 2 – Get a Quote for your old device

Step 3 – Mail in your old device to Clover Wireless

Step 4 – Enjoy your Visa prepaid card

You can get an easy quote for one or multiple buy back devices prior to purchase as well.  See details here.

If you don’t want a Windows device, don’t worry. Apple is looking out for you too. The Apple Recycling Program offers an environmentally responsible way to part with your computer, Mac or PC, working or not.

Step 1 – Tell them about your device

Step 2 – Get your estimate and ship your device

Step 3 – Receive your Apple Store Gift Card

You can use your Apple gift card online or in their store. See details here.