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Security for your Mobile Device

Do you have an anti-virus or malware program installed on your mobile device? If not, you better listen up.

AVG has detected a malware program that spies on you while your phone sleeps.  AVG calls it “Android/PowerOffHijack.A” for now. The company believes that 10,000 devices have been infected so far. The majority of these are based in China where the malicious code was first encountered.

The smartphone can only be effected if it is an android older than 5.0 and is rooted. So if you have a new phone that runs lollipop and isn’t rooted – you’re in the clear. This virus runs once you press the off button. You think your phone is shutting down, but it’s still running and being controlled by malicious software. This malware can make outgoing calls, take pictures and send messages even though it appears to be off.

AVG has updated its mobile protection app with details of the flaw so that it is now capable of detecting the new kind of threat on infected devices. The company warns users to remain vigilant however and to take the battery out of their phone if they want to be really sure of it being powered down.

Here are 2 ways to make sure this doesn’t happen to you.

  1. Get an anti-virus/malware app for your phone.
    There are plenty of basic free mobile security apps.
    Or splurge and spend $5 for an upgraded version.
  2. Don’t root your phone.
    It voids the warranty.
    Your carrier will no longer provide tech support for your device.
    Your phone works fine just the way it is.

Not sure if your device is protected? Look through your apps – do you see Malwarebytes, AVG, Norton? If so, you’re protected. If not and you need some help-

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*Photo courtesy of AVG.