Motorized Shades and You

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Motorized Shades and You

8 Reasons Why You’ll Love Them

Before the introduction of electricity, buildings relied on daylight to illuminate interior spaces as a matter of necessity. Today’s updated building codes, new energy regulations, and a renewed emphasis on sustainability, are encouraging us to once again embrace daylight as a practical, aesthetic, and symbolic element of good building design. This is known as designing for Daylight Autonomy.

The greatest challenge to using daylight as a primary light source is that it is naturally dynamic. Designing for Daylight Autonomy involves understanding how the entire building is affected by the dynamic nature of daylight, and creating a lighting control strategy to automatically adjust to these changes.

Motorized shades will help you take advantage of natural lighting. From creating a more comfortable environment to saving the environment, motorized shades are an efficient way to accomplishing both.


  1. Conference room – The lighting needs to be flexible to accommodate activities from audio visual presentations to video conferencing. Motorized shades can quickly adapt to each situation.
  2. Small offices – By adjusting the quality of light, you can reduce energy costs and improve employee efficiency by providing a more pleasant work environment.
  3. Residential – Shades will block heat and damaging UV rays that can fade and harm your furnishings.
  4. Set it and forget it – Motorized shades can be automated based on the light and heat outside. This means no more having to tug on heavy blinds with cords.
  5. Temperature control – Blinds provide temperature control and cut glare without losing your view – for both commercial and residential users.
  6. Easy breezy installation and use – They install easily, simple to program and use. The reliable powerful and quiet motors control it all with the push of a button.
  7. Set the scene – You will have the power to create just the right mood for any activity from parties and entertaining to company presentations and events.
  8. Save energy – A great green option that will reduce solar heat while providing cooling options naturally thus saving you money on your heating and cooling.

How it works:

Daylight Autonomy is designing a space such to maximize the amount of useful daylight, thereby minimizing or eliminating the need for supplemental electric light. Motorized shades are used to accomplish this. Motorized window coverings are operated from commands sent by either remote controls or adjacent wall switches. Additionally, automated lighting or whole house control systems can be programmed to operate these treatments individually, in groups, or in custom settings with an interface which integrates the systems.

These systems are installed by the individual shade company to their specific codes. However, the programing and automation of these systems can be handled by our techs here at Innovative. Give us a call or email and we can get you started.

*Photos courtesy of Solar Shading Systems.