Office 365 to the Rescue!

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Need an easier way to manage projects?

Office 365 Groups to the Rescue!

If your office has have been blessed with web based Office 365, you already know how easy it is to use. Have you had a chance to use the Groups option though? If not, you’re missing out on a great collaboration tool.
365 Groups are fantastic for projects. You can create a group, add your project teammates, keep everyone on the same page, and even share with a collaborator outside of your company. All from your desk or even on the go. Each group has access to the group shared calendar, files, notebooks, and conversations. You can even hold an impromptu Skype meeting.

Office 365 Groups

Easy to use features include:

  • Add or drop members as the project grows
  • Assign tasks to group members
  • Share and make changes to docs from your mobile
  • While in a Skype Group meeting, you can open a notebook and record your meeting notes
  • Bring in info from 3rd party internet or social media aps. Set up news articles that relate to your project from Bing to be imported to the conversation, or mentions on twitter.
Office 365 Groups

An added perk is that an office 365 Subscription is not required for your guest group member. While they can’t make changes to the calendar or access the group site, they can read conversations, receive calendar invites and open shared files.

Here’s a short overview of how it works. For detailed instructions on how to create an Office 365 Group as well as guest member setup, View this video. If you need help setting it up, just give us a call or email and we’ll help you out.