Public or Private Cloud

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What Cloud would you like to be on?

4 tips to help you decide between a public or private cloud

  1. Security and Compliance

    Think HIPPA, PCI and SOX compliance. This is in regard to storing sensitive information like Credit Card info used for payments, private health insurance info, as well as accounting and private investor information. Private= you know where this sensitive information is stored. It’s actual physical location. Public = You have control of the information, but don’t know or have control of its actual location.

  1. Failover Control

    You’ve heard it before, and we’ll say it again. Backup, backup, backup. When your server (the thing that stores all of your company’s information) starts to fail, you need to have a plan. You DO NOT want to lose all of your valuable company information. Private=complete failover control. You test and choose what happens when your server fails. Public = The process is controlled by the company that owns that cloud.

  2. SLA Management

    SLA= Software License Agreement. This may not be something you’ve ever thought of. However, it’s something important to consider. It is illegal to separate or virtualize software and install them on different computers, unless you buy that specific package. It affects your company because depending on how many employees you have, you may want to host your software in the cloud as opposed to on each specific computer. Private cloud=complete control. Public cloud = negotiated control.

  3. Budget

    It always comes down to budget. How much you are willing to pay (or the allocated funds designated by the board of directors) for what you need. Always weigh what you need vs. what you want. You may be willing to live without a few control options so you can save up for new hardware, software, or even your own private cloud.

In the end, private may seem like the best, but can be very time consuming and expensive. Public is a good option. If you decide to use a Public Cloud, make sure you do your research. The Cloud you go with should have great service and almost zero down time.

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