Remote Support Scams to Watch For

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Remote Support Tech Tips

Everyone at some point needs to have their computer “looked at”. You may keep your computer clean, not open suspicious emails, and never ever download a file from an untrustworthy source. However, there will be a time when you need to call an IT guy.

But have you ever had an IT guy call you? Probably not. Unless you already have a company you deal with, be wary. Watch out for these remote monitoring scams.

4 Remote Support Scams to Watch Out For

  1.  A scammer calls you posing as an IT service tech. They claim to be calling on behalf of a known IT company. The caller then tries to convince you of a real or nonexistent problem with their software and offers to fix it for you. To fix the problem, the caller tries to convince you to use or purchase their security software and malware removal services.
  2. I regularly get calls from “Microsoft” stating they found an issue on my computer. Yes I use Microsoft, but no, Microsoft is not monitoring my computer. Sometimes I hang up, other times I request to be taken off their calling list. Either way, I never give them any info about myself or my computer. Make sure you don’t either.
  3. In another type of scam you are contacted by someone posing to be from tech support and offering to help you with your computer problem via remote pc service. The scammer tells you in order to fix the issue to press “Windows Key + R” which opens the “Run” dialogue. This allows the scammer to download spyware which may be used to steal your personal information, i.e. bank numbers, pass codes, etc.
  4. This might be the most common scam. You receive an email from a source claiming to be from a reputable IT vendor. The email asks you to visit a website (which looks official) to download the necessary software to fix an issue or the email provides a link for you to click to obtain the software. In reality the attachment or link contains malware.

Bottom line is that if anyone emails or call you saying your computer needs to be checked on, just say no. The only service technician who will be monitoring your computer is the one you hired. If you need a reputable IT company with trustworthy and certified technicians, give us a call or email.