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Featured Case Study:
Email, Calendar and Document Syncing for Small Business


Julie’s growing marketing communications business was experiencing its own intra-communications problems. Email that wouldn’t sync on multiple devices. Numerous emails and texts to schedule meetings and projects. Partners and contractors trying to collaborate and share documents through email attachments. Julie needed help streamlining her communications so her team could be productive and effective.

How We Solved That:

After researching how Julie and her team worked, we recommended a cloud-based productivity suite to sync all communications across desktops, laptops, tablets and smart phones. Julie chose Google Apps for Business as the preferred suite and was quickly able to ramp up productivity in the office, in virtual offices and while on the road meeting with clients. Email syncs to all devices in real time. Shared Google calendars not only makes scheduling meetings easy, but also allows Julie to assign projects to her team. Google Drive and Docs are a quick way for all team members to store and share documents to streamline collaboration and reduce project turnaround time.

“I’m thrilled with the reliability and syncing power of The Dorr GroupGoogle Apps, and how easy it was to implement in our office. John did an excellent job of understanding our needs and not going into all of that ‘techspeak’ that makes my eyes glaze over. I just wanted to get my email to sync initially and had no idea he had a solution for all of the other technology issues we were having. And best of all, it was a more affordable solution than what we had in place before. Less expensive and more service! Thank-you Innovative for solving that!”

Julie D., Owner – The Dorr Group

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