Inoperable System and Original Installer that Disappeared has Couple Frustrated


A local couple had a Control4 automation system installed. They were unfamiliar with the programming and the original installer was nowhere to be found. They were looking for a company to fix their system.


In March we had received a call from a local couple who were looking for a company to fix their inoperable automation system. As their original installer had disappeared, they were looking for a company who was familiar with their system and local. We sent out a technician to see what was going on. After inspecting the system and assessing the problems, our technicians were able to install all necessary updates, make sure all connections were solid, and make sure the system was working correctly. Our technician and main installer Fernando stayed late to make sure that Doug and Pat were comfortable with their system and knew how to run it. He also proceeded to write up and email instructions so our clients had them on hand to refer to in case they wanted to change the programming.

When it comes to Innovative, they are so conscientious and so good about getting back to you, so how could you be anything else back to them? We’re not really adept at all with the little electronic gadgets we have at our house. The young man, Fernando, who came out to service our inoperable system, was terrific! He had immense patience when dealing with our ineptitude. He even went back to the office to type instructions and sent us an email, which was wonderful, and made it as easy as he could for us to operate. Fernando was supposed to go home, but he stayed here and helped us out, even knowing that he would be late getting back to the office, and then home to his family. He really went above and beyond the call of duty, we really appreciated that. I can’t imagine anybody more patient with people who are not really up on the latest electronic stuff. It can’t be easy for these people either, because they are so familiar with this stuff, and we certainly are not. Unfortunately, the original installer had disappeared, so we went on a website and found Innovative not too far from us, so that was fortunate. We were even happier with Fernando, and John John’s group, than we were with the installer of the original system.Doug & Pat F.