Unified Communications System Installation for Business Owner


Robert’s business was ready for a new unified communications system. He was ready for the switch after deciding on a new phone system that would work with his existing equipment.  As the business owner, he need the switch to be as smooth as possible. Robert needed to make sure the servers would not be affected as to not disrupt his businesses work flow.


We sent our technician Tim on-site to be the liaison during the installation. He was there to work with the unified communications phone system installers in case there were any technical problems that would affect the servers. Tim stayed on-site for the entire installation. He monitored the servers and verified all of the communications equipment worked fluidly with the servers and the other office equipment.

Wanted to thank Innovative for your support during the phone switch over. Tim was a lot of help. Cbeyond had some technical issues and Tim stayed to make sure Servers were not affected by the new equipment they had to install. Bill me for the peace of mind Tim gave us.Robert B., Stud Welding Products