Smart Bed with Snore Detection

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Everything you need in a Smart Bed!

Snore Detection with Foot Warmers!

Have you heard of the new Smart Bed that will help you sleep better?

Snore Detection. I’m sure all of us can detect when a snore happens and where it’s coming from. Usually it’s the person right next to us. Finally, that won’t mean you’re in for a long restless night. Sleep Number has created a smart bed with SleepIQ technology. This bed can sense when a person is snoring and raise the bed’s head position about 7 degrees. That must be the magical degree to produce a quieter sleeper.

Smart Bed with Snore Detection
Smart Bed Sleep IQ App

This bed does have some additional cool features. The Sleep Number 360 uses it’s SleepIQ technology and intelligent biometrics combined
with it’s app to learn your bedtime routine and sleep patterns. Things like your sleep temperature, diet and exercise all affect your sleep. If
you have any fitness trackers, the app will connect to them to learn your exercise routines and give you tips for a better night’s sleep. It
can pre-warm the foot area of the bed before you turn in for the night, each side to different temperatures. Once you set your level of
firmness, it uses the ResponsiveAir technology and adjusts the pressure while you sleep. This bed uses the data it collects from your
sleep app and will wake you when you are at your lightest stage of sleep-during your desired “wake-up window”. Imagine not having to
wake up to an annoying alarm and being well rested.

This bed’s price is a bit steep, but how does one put a price on the value of sleep? For all of those people who are exhausted each morning from a poor nights sleep and for those living with snorers, this might be the right answer at just the right price.