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Smart Carpet

Ease building navigation and increase your business’ safety

Have you ever walked through the airport and had no idea where your departure gate was? Or after you get off the plane, where the baggage claim for your particular flight is? I have. Even though my eye sight is good and I know I will eventually figure it out, it would be much faster if the directions were easier to find and read. Say, maybe on the floor I’m walking on? The development teams at Philips and Desso are out to help me and all the other weary travelers out there get to where they need to be faster.

Luminous Carpets has developed smart carpet with LED lights, tested last year in Venice and Berlin, to show us the way and the light. Directional arrows and text directions literally light up through the carpet to get you to your destination with ease. The carpet comes in sections that have a thin layer of led lights underneath a layer of specialty “light transmissive” carpet.

When the lights are on, they shine through. When they’re off, they disappear completely.

Light up carpeting is a great option not only for airports, but any business looking to ease navigation through their building as well as increase safety. Imagine in an emergency that smoke has obscured the emergency signage. Luminous Carpets will illuminate your way to safety.

Philips claims the smart carpet is rugged enough to handle spills, cleaning and heavy foot traffic. The LEDs are designed to withstand all of this without malfunctioning, overheating and will last 20 years or more. They can interface with most building management and automation systems currently in use. For programming, you can set a standard message as well as program emergency scenarios.

Still curious about the Luminous smart carpet? Visit Philips for additional information.


*photos courtesy of Philips/Desso