Voice Control for your Smart Locks

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Voice Control for your Smart Locks

Voice Control is making everything easier – even locking your doors

All you need are these 3 things:

  1. Kwikset, Schlage or Yale locks
  2. Smart Home System or Hub
  3. Amazon Alexa

Alexa-enabled smart locks are able to lock your door and check the status of the lock. Don’t tell your door to unlock though because it just won’t work. Enabling Alexa to unlock your door could prove to be a huge security risk as Alexa can’t distinguish between your voice and a burglar’s.

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According to Schlage’s VP of strategy and partnerships Rob Martens, “The integration of the Alexa Skill for locks is achieved through a cloud-to-cloud integration, and the Alexa team has previously made those cloud-to-cloud integrations with Z-Wave smart home systems.” “It is faster to roll out additional Alexa skills using existing integrations. Typically, there is a significant amount of testing involved with launching a new Alexa Skill, so Amazon may choose to limit the number of participants for initial rollout and then add more later.”

Are you looking to install smart locks in your smart home? We can solve that – give us a call. If you don’t have a smart home, you’re wondering where to start and need help – send us an email. We’ll schedule a time to talk about your needs and get you started.

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