Star2Star – A Unique Standard of VoIP

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Let’s talk reliability.

Everyone hates dropped and fuzzy calls.  Star2Star has VOA circuits. What is VOA you ask? It is Voice Optimized Architecture. It just means that the Voice portion of the data made when you call is Optimized, it is prioritized and sent over the lines as a whole, not in data pieces. Star2Star’s circuits cross connect directly with all of the major US carriers. That means you can rest assured that your conversation will break on through to the other side and none of your message will be lost in cyber space.

Star2Star - A Unique Standard of VoIP

Star2Star’s fully distributed/fully managed, End-to-End Internet Phone Solution was designed to work flawlessly over your existing internet connection. All of your company’s phones – at the main office, satellite offices, home office workers, and even mobile phones – appear and operate as a single, unified system. Everyone is reachable by dialing their extension number, no matter where they happen to be. Call transfers, ring groups, call queues, automated attendants, and shared operator features operate across all locations.

Here’s something new that other VoIP providers don’t offer – Line Pooling. You can use excess line capacity from one location to cover excess demand at another location. Have you ever heard about Line Bursting? Me neither, not until now. If all of your lines are in use and you get another incoming call, Star2Star can add an extra line “on the fly” so you’ll never miss a call.

You can buy only as many lines as you need for normal business operations and not pay for excess capacity that you only need a few days a year. And their monthly rates include all the extras that other VoIP providers charge for – like conferencing, voicemail, ring groups, automated attendants and more.

If you are interested in trying out this unique system, Star2Star offers a side by side comparison. We will install the Star2Star next to your current traditional phone system and you can test for 30 days. If you don’t like it, they will take it back at no charge to you. However, they do have a 99.6% customer retention rate so prepared to be impressed. Contact Us today to get started.