Tech Tips – The Benefits of Automation

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Who doesn’t like being able to do something without having to get up? If you’re old enough to remember watching TV’s before there were remotes, you cringe at the memory of being the “channel changer”.

TV’s have come a long way since then and so has automation. Now we can turn on and heat up the hot tub on our way home from work so its ready when we get there. Or get a message from the house saying our kids are home from school.

Some additional benefits of automating your home or office include:

  1. Ease of access
  2. Easy shut down
  3. Hands free lighting
  4. Security at the touch of a button
  5. Instant knowledge of home/office energy usage
  6. Control of everything you choose to automate.

However you choose to use it, automation makes life easier. And who doesn’t like easy.
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