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Spring Cleaning – Techie Styletech_tips_old-computers

It’s that time of the year again. Spring is here, the rain is gone, the sun is out and who am I kidding.  Here in Southern California it almost never rains and the sun is out all the time. But it doesn’t mean we can’t do some tidying up – techie style.

8 Tips to clean up the tech in your life.
  1. Clean – Actually clean your monitor, don’t just blow the dust off. Wipe that and your keyboard down. Use some compressed air-in-a-can and blow out all of your snack crumbles from your keyboard. We all eat at our desk. And even if you don’t, unless your keyboard is brand new, odds are that someone at some time lunched at your keyboard.
  2. Archive your email – Your IT person may just hug you for it. But don’t stop there, clean up your email before you archive. Why archive it if you don’t need it?
  3. Organize – It’s tax season. Even if you’ve filed already, gather paystubs, 401K info, childcare expenses, work travel logs and receipts – then keep them in a safe place where you have easy access to. Organizing and updating these receipts and logs during the year will save you from so much needless headache.
  4. Delete some Apps – They may have been fun while you were waiting at the airport, but they are taking up space and slowing down your phone. If you haven’t touched it in 2 months, you probably never will again.
  5. Anti Virus and Malware Protection – do you have it? Check everything, from your smartphone to your work computer. Is it there? Is it up to date? When was the last time you ran it? The best defense is a good offense. Be proactive.
  6. Back it up! – Seriously, hardware fails. If it didn’t, the tech industry wouldn’t be a gazillion dollar business. Also test your backup. Make sure it is still functioning. There’s no point in backing up your data to a failing drive. It may even be time to look into cloud storage.
  7. Software storage – How many times have you needed an older piece of software or wanted to reinstall something recently purchased… but you couldn’t find the install disks and licenses? Find those disks, manuals and emails containing those licenses – and store them in a central location. Don’t forget to tell everyone where this info is. Get into the spring cleaning and organizing spirit – Document it in your policies and procedures. That way all future software and licenses will be documented and also be traceable.
  8. Get a tech – A real technician, to fix your devices and computers when they misbehave. How often has the kid next door had to save you from restoring your device to factory settings? He may be convenient and cheap, but what happens when he fixes it incorrectly? Having a company that you can trust, is familiar with your devices and has been trained can be priceless.


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