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Tech Tips

This is the Captain Obvious edition of Tech Tips. Here are a few things you might try when your computer starts acting weird, before you drop kick it out the door…


I know this sounds too easy, but I have fallen victim to this many times. I’m in the middle of updating a spread sheet and my mouse starts jumping around or writing this tech tip and my computer freezes… What’s wrong? What’s going on? Techs….can you look at my computer? It’s broken…

I swear, 9 times out of 10 if I just restart, my problem mysteriously vanishes.

Unplug it

This goes for your external devices. That’s what your iPhone is. I know you love playing your music at work. Some days, that might be the only thing to keep you going. But today we’re talking about your computers sanity.  It’s busy trying to make your work programs work. So get yourself a portable speaker.

Close it down

Is your computer slow? How many programs do you have open? Do you really need every program you might use today all open at the same time? Probably not. Which brings me to….

Stop multi-tasking

Ok, maybe not completely. However, we all know you aren’t really updating that spreadsheet, checking entry logs, responding to the urgent email from a client, attending that webinar while taking notes, and … We’ll leave that to John, because somehow he can do that. No kidding, I’ve seen it happen…

While you can probably handle super-multi tasking, you’ll be more productive by focusing on just a few of the important things. That will help your mind and your computer work smoothly while giving the best results.

When all else fails, it’s time to bring out the big guns – The Innovative Techs. Give them a call or email. They’ll say, “Did you try restarting your computer?”.  You can proudly say, “Yes! It’s still broken.”

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