The Variable Dimmer – What it is and Why you should use it.

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Variable Dimmers can make this happen!

One often overlooked aspects of Automation is the Variable Dimmer. A Variable Dimmer not only gives you the ability to govern the power output of many fixtures, but to program specific actions.
The average person cannot tell the difference between 90 and 100 percent brightness. Setting the lights in your home to 90 percent can save up to 850 pounds of carbon dioxide per year – the equivalent of not driving a car for an entire month. You will appreciate the positive impact you are making on the environment as well as enjoy the saving on your utility bill.

One of our techs recently told me this about Variable Dimmers, “We can program a dimmer to execute an action with a double or triple tap function. For example, a double tap can execute a light scene or, activate security on a triple tap. Also, there are keypads that can program light scenes, security, audio and video.”

Planning your exterior lights to accent pathways, pools and trees will make your elegant landscaping stand out.
So go ahead, design your own indoor or outdoor scene and express yourself through lighting.

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