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Theft is on The Rise

Thieves are always working to improve their business.

We’re not just talking big business, we’re talking your business. Thieves don’t care who they steal from – the job site for the new hotel downtown or a homeowner repairing their water lines. Everyone is a target. Traditional alarm systems are a thing of the past and create an overwhelming amount of false alarms requiring some police departments to resort to a video verified alarm policy.

Video Verification is a low cost, high value security solution.

Theft prevention starts with Video Verification. You get instant notification if an intruder is detected. Intruder alerts are immediately verified by video to see if there is actual criminal activity or just a false alarm. Video Verification calls get immediate Law Enforcement alarm response due to the known presence of criminal activity. This allows for priority police dispatch while the incident is still in progress and increases the chances of catching the bad guys.  The BEST deterrent is arrests!

How Does Video Verification Work?

Video verification is a completely wireless security system which can operate on batteries for up to 2 years.  The portable battery powered Motion Viewer (motion sensor with integrated camera and illuminators) can be installed anywhere as the situation demands. (no phone lines or power required)

Motion activates the integrated night vision Motion Viewer and sends a 10 second video of what tripped the sensor to the 24×7 monitoring station and on to a manager or property owner.  Based on this instant eyewitness, operators dispatch police to a verified “crime in progress” instead of a standard alarm.  Instant notification and priority response means apprehensions and greater security for your home and business.

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