Watt’s up? Just a pocket of Energy, that’s WattUp.

Sara Johns Blog, Mobile

Watt’s up? Just a pocket of Energy, that’s WattUp.

Energous has made a wireless charging system named “WattUp”.

It has a charging radius of 15 feet. The transmitter will be just about the size of a wireless router. Instead of magnetic induction, radio frequencies will be used to charge the devices.

A WattUp™ transmitter, or Power Router, works like Wi-Fi and sends energy via a radio frequency (RF) signal to your WattUp-enabled electronic devices when requested. A WattUp receiver in each device converts that signal into battery power.

Energous’ vision for the WattUp is to have it in the appliances we have inside our homes such as TVs or refrigerators. The receiver will only be a 1 x 1 mm chip that can be placed inside the devices.

The entire system is software controlled, so it’s intelligent and customizable to your needs and environment. And, because it’s designed to work invisibly in the background, WattUp has the ability to make low battery anxiety a thing of the past.

Highlights: Programmable and automatic
  • Pairs 1-12 devices with a WattUp™ transmitterwattup_wireless_charger
  • Establishes the order in which devices receive power
  • Sets specific levels of power to send to each device in 1/4W increments
  • Sets minimum power levels, so when a device reaches a certain level it automatically receives power to prevent it from dying
  • Creates a schedule for charging, deciding what times of day to send power to each device
  • Identifies whether a device receives a charge automatically or not
  • Determines whether or not a device receives a charge while in use
  • Tells the WattUp™ transmitter if a device has been plugged into a wall outlet
  • Lets users find public WattUp™ locations on a map, including whether they are free or paid systems (including the rate)
Who will want to use the WattUp™? Anyone with electronic devices @ 10W and below:
  • Smart Phones, Phablets, eReaders and Small Tablets
  • Smart Phone Accessories, such as Charging Sleeves
  • Wearable Fitness Trackers
  • Smart Watches, and other Wearable Computing Devices
  • Computer Accessories, such as Wireless Keyboards and Mice
  • Remote Controls
  • Home Device Networks
  • Home, Office and Commercial Wireless Sensors
  • Gaming Controllers
  • LED Lighting
  • Battery-Powered Children’s Toys

There is great potential for this product and especially in this field. To keep in the loop on when the WattUp is coming out, sign up for our blog. We’ll make sure to let you know.

*This article is informational only. I have not been paid or received any of these products for review.