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Who doesn’t like a good deal? Here at Innovative, we are in the solution business and look for ways to make your interaction with technology faster, better and hopefully, less expensive. And because we take the time to talk to clients, manufacturers, developers, industry innovators as well as our technicians, we zero in on resale products, discounts and contests you can enter. We are committed to helping you find what you want when you want it. Any dealer specials and manufacturer discounts we receive are passed on to you – Don’t miss out!

“Can I Automate That?” Yes, yes you can.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of being introduced to the “Good Morning” feature by Control4, let us introduce you. This fun and functional feature allows for you to decide how you would like to start your day. Not only can you start your day off with your favorite music, toasty warm house and have your coffee ready, you can know the status of your coffee. Is it actually ready, still brewing, or did someone forget to fill the carafe with water? This may seem like a non-issue. However, when you’re running out the door, trying to get the kids to school on time so you can get to work before your 8am meeting starts, it becomes a much larger issue.

Automated coffee makers have been around for quite some time. Now there is the option to know the status of your coffee. No more wondering if the coffee is done or extra trips into the kitchen to see if it’s ready. “How do they do this?”, you may ask. With an App of course. After installing the HouseLogix driver for C4, from your phone, you can choose to be notified when your coffee is ready or even when the last time it was cleaned.

On the flip side, if coffee just isn’t your thing, maybe crockery is. Set up dinner in the crock pot, set the temp, start it up, monitor how long it’s been on and even turn it off. No more racing home at lunch to turn it on. Why would you need these options? You need them because automation can make your day less hectic. You have to admit, one less thing to worry about would make anyone’s day better. Let us take one of those worries off of your plate.

Automation is really about making your life easier. Let us help you ease into your day or evening. Contact us to get started with your FREE 48 hour trial.

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