In the Home

Smart technology for the savvy consumer

For many of us, smart home technology makes us think of George Jetson in his sky-high home where appliances talked to each other and grooming was done on a conveyor belt. Although we are not quite ready for our meals in pill form, we have made great strides in making devices speak to each other, controlling our living environment, creating a secure space and hosting state-of-the-art entertainment.

Thought to be reserved only for the wealthy and tech-savvy, home theaters, HVAC control, lighting automation, security systems and smart electronics have become more common and affordable. Computers, smart phone and tablets make managing the devices and appliances even easier through a digital network.

Make your house home to technology

Whether new construction or an existing home that needs to be retrofitted, it is time to open your doors to technology that saves time, decreases costs and builds entertainment excitement. At Innovative we wire your home with:

  • Automation – centralized the control of all the operations run in your home–from lighting, HVAC, appliances and lighting
  • Security – protect against intruders and dangers within your home
  • Connectivity – from wireless, Internet and cell phone boosters, improve the function of your devices
  • Entertainment – home theater with surround sound, lighting and seating will make every local movie theater envious

Not sure where to begin? Contact us to learn more about how we integrate technology into your every day life.