Support and Maintenance Plans

Any technology problem – anytime – We Solve That!

At Innovative, we take support seriously. Support is the act of helping, and that is our passion.

When you choose us to support your company or home system, we build you a structure to hold up your company, a true foundation. We provide you with solid IT support, when and where you need it. We are here not just to maintain your equipment, we are here to guard and protect it.

We have no preset maintenance package to stick you in. We understand that every company and household are different, so our support plans are too.

What if…

  • You have a large company that needs computers up and running 24 hrs and at locations across the globe?
  • You are a start up company and just need to protect your computer from the latest email virus?
  • You are tired of dropped lines and warbled voices on important calls?
  • Your last IT guy left a pile of wires in the server room and now no one can access Quickbooks?
  • You just bought a home with solar panels or automation system that doesn’t work and you know nothing about them?
  • Your house was recently broken into and you want to make sure it doesn’t happen again?
  • Your electric bill is through the roof and you don’t know where to start cutting back?
  • You are tired of lost remotes, broken thermostats and glaring bathroom lights and just want to be able to tell your house what to do?

…We Solve That

Whatever your technology problem is, We Solve That.

Give us a call anytime, 909-287-7900.