Automation and Lighting Control

Automation and Lighting Control is about making your life easier. We work hand in hand with contractors on new construction and retrofits for home and businesses. We understand the technology behind everything and work with it every day.

Whether you want lighting control for your whole home at the touch of a button and to have all the mundane tasks automated or want peace of mind knowing you can leave work at the end of the day and, with the push of a button, turn everything off. We can make that possible. These are no longer options for just the extremely wealthy. There are affordable solutions for whatever you have in mind.

Contact us and we’ll handle the rest.

At the Office ...

Automation is used to improve the quality of your office experience by increasing security and comfort while at the same time obtaining cost and energy savings.

In the Home ...

Completely automated systems can control lighting, shades, appliances, HVAC, audio and video, theaters, cameras and security systems, sprinklers and pools - all from your mobile phone, control panel or computer.

Control4 ...

We at Innovative art Trained and Certified Control4 dealers and Installers. We are authorized for all aspects from design to installation. Control4 supports partial as well as completely automated systems at the Office and in your Home.

With Innovative, you get the technological expertise and 24/7 service you need where you need it. From your office, car home and all points in between. Any technology problem – any time – We Solve That!