Computers and Networking

Business – Home Office – Home

We solve technology problems at the office and at home.

At Innovative, we design our Managed IT Services to cover and anticipate all of your IT Support needs. Need help with your employee workstations? Are your servers secure and networked to handle all of your technology needs—in-house and virtually? How are you supporting the expanded bandwidth demands of BYO Devices like employee’s phones, tablets or laptops? Do you just want a turn-key solution and not have to worry about IT and computer support? We can handle that.

Expertise. Experience. Reliability.

Whether you need remote or onsite support, we manage your IT services with access monitoring software combined with the experience of Innovative’s seasoned and certified staff. Our team is always looking for ways to solve your technology problems and proactively looking for ways to help you plan your IT needs.

When we say computers and networking, we literally mean everything that has to do with any type of computer and all devices that connect to your network as well as the network itself.

Expertise, Experience, Reliability

With Innovative as your IT partner, you get expert planning, networking and management of the following:

  • Servers
  • Workstations
  • Network
  • Network equipment
  • Phones – VoIP and smartphones
  • Virtual Service – for remote workers and remote support
  • Email and Communication Services
  • Office Control and Remote Access
  • Office Security
  • Microsoft and Office 365 installation and support
  • iOS/Apple installation and support
  • Disaster recovery planning and backup
  • Security Systems – Business

Ignoring your IT problems won’t make them go away.

Technology Problems

Are you avoiding dealing with a computer issue because you don’t want to spend hours on the phone? Worse yet, when you finally do connect, the tech support person is speaking ‘computer-speak’ making it even more difficult to resolve your issue. We understand completely.

Which is why Innovative is such a unique Help Desk and IT Partner. We take the frustration and time-wasting problem-solving out of your hands and just keep your IT running 24/7. Here’s what you get:

  • Less Downtime – Faster resolution and pre-emptive problem-solving
  • Fewer Day-to-day Issues – Proactive ongoing maintenance and management prevents issues before they become problems
  • IT Roadmap – A strategic IT plan designed to meet your budget and provide the computer, phone, security and data management infrastructure your company needs
  • Technology Audit – Know your IT vulnerabilities and opportunities ahead of time to better build a business-centric IT plan
  • Flat-Rate IT Service Plans Plans tailored to your business that will help you budget your IT expenses.
  • Infrastructure Protection – Ward off hackers and keep your network and devices safe and secure
  • Business Continuity – Maintain your business activities through and disasters with backup and disaster recovery methods and best practices
  • A Good Night’s Sleep – Knowing your business is in good hands 24×7

Not sure where to begin? Contact us to learn more about how we solve technology challenges and move your business forward.