Security Systems

For your Home and Business

Controlling the security of your home or business is essential.

While automating the security of your entire home or business may not be practical for everyone, it is possible.  Whether it’s just a few security lights or door monitors you want to control, anything is feasible.  Here are just a few ideas on how your can automate your home’s security:

Security for your home
  • Interface with your home security system
  • Control and view images from IP cameras
  • Control gates, garage doors, drapes
  • Control and Monitor security codes and access to your home

We can’t forget how Automation can help Secure your business.

Automation can help almost any business, large or small, by creating a competitive advantage by improving operating efficiencies and enhancing security. You’ll always be in the know without having to drive by for an in-person check in. You will be able to:

Security for your business
  • Keep an eye on things, from anywhere
  • Set your office to alert you if the temperature of the Server room increases
  • Receive notifications when equipment or lights are left on overnight
  • Monitor your security cameras from your laptop or smart phone
  • Receive notifications if anyone enters the building at an unusual or unscheduled time

Systems like Control4 make it easy to access and control the security system for your home or business and are very user friendly. They are not only designed to be attractive and non-obtrusive, but they are designed to be so easy to use that everyone from your 4 year old to your mother-in-law can figure it out. In fact, using Control4 is so easy the Aria in Vegas has it installed. Now you can control every aspect of your own hotel room. While that is a great excuse to drive out to Las Vegas to test it out, you don’t have to travel so far from home.

We use Control4 throughout our entire building.

From security and temperature control of our offices to our Theater/Showroom, we are completely automated.  Come in to see it in action.  Our Technicians are trained and certified for Security and Control 4 installations. Not only will we program your Security and Automation for your home or business, but we will train you how to use it. Any technology problem, any time, we solve that!

Not sure where to begin? Contact us to learn more about how to control and monitor the security of your home and office.