Wilson Signal Boosters

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Get Better Reception Everywhere

You may think that a dropped call every once in a while isn’t that bad, and it’s not. Poor reception never created an emergency either. We can all adjust. Maybe by making sure not to be on an important call when going over the bridge where your calls drop ever single time or not going into the kitchen because you know that people can never hear what you say in there.

What if you are tired of adjusting your phone habits based on reception? Don’t you want to be able to pick up the phone and talk to anyone at any time? I do. We all make important calls on our cells. Whether it’s a business call or to the doctor, we need to be able to rely on our cell’s signal so we can hear what the person on the other line is saying.

If you’re tired of dropped calls, limited range and slow data then listen up. Wilson Electronics has come up with a cell phone signal booster that amplifies week cell signals. Their signal boosters work transparently on all the carrier networks. These signal boosters are available for your home, office, and on the road. 

They have 4G data boosters that can increase speeds up to 20x’s. Universal signal boosters are even available, that way all of you BYOD people can work productively.

If you’re ready to communicate and work productively – when and where you want – Contact Us today to get started.