Window to the World

Sara Johns Blog, Home Theater

The TV is not just a TV anymore, it’s our window to the world.

We do everything from watch movies for entertainment, to communicate with our loved ones in faraway places.

Just announced at the 2015 CES in Vegas, is a newly designed window to our world. The curved shape of this TV isn’t a new idea, but boy does it look pretty. Swiss Designer and sustainability advocate Yves Behar and Samsung’s design Consultant Yun-je Kang have used the language of design to collaborate on this beautiful piece of art. This piece of art you won’t want to hang this on your wall though.

The Samsung S9W Curved UHD TV pushes standard TV design in several ways. It features a curved, 82-inch 4K screen much wider than most, thanks to a 21 × 9 aspect ratio that perfectly matches the dimensions of film. Movies will pass on their black bars to ordinary TV, which is shot in 16 × 9. The S9W rests upon a gallery-like cube like “a classical sculpture on a plinth.” The top of the cube, which is made from stainless steel in the current version, opens when turned on to reveal inner lights and the TV’s sound system.

The S9W is the latest evolution of the TV, an effort not to make electronics friendly or cartoony or stark or sleek but integrated, part of the room. Behar- “What makes them more approachable today is the fact that they integrate better, into your life, into your home environment, and the fact that they respond better — they start to respond to human behavior in ways that require less work on the part of the viewer or of the user. I’ve always believed design is the perfect alloy for technology.” Behar continued, “Technology in itself isn’t the answer, it’s how it’s applied, how it’s adapted, how it’s made relevant to the consumer. Design really is that translation.”

The S9W is not currently for sale, and pricing has not been announced. However, their 78-inch 4K screen runs between 7-8K.

*images courtesy of Yahoo Tech, Digital Trends, Jeremy Kaplan